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How do i type with the japanese letters?

I have the japanese language pack installed. I can view the characters in internet but i cant set up my keyboard to type in japanese. I went to the control panel and regional and language options and i have it set up there but when i change the keyboard to japanese it still types with latin letters. I also have bulgarian keyboard as well and i have no problems with it. I read that u can convert the Romaji to Hiragana or Katakana but i dunno how that works. Can someone help?How do i type with the japanese letters?
I think it may only be for reading and not typing.

Consult the manual for troubleshooting stuff if all else fails or some info program that came with the program.

How to instal german keyboard layout?

hello can someone help me with changing the the Z to a Y becouse i want to play a game that is in german and i cant find where to change the contols

i just need to change the Z with Y

i know how to change the keyboard layout from contol panel%26gt;regional and language%26gt;details etc

but the problem is that the german keyboard layout dosent appear in the list what can i doHow to instal german keyboard layout?
There is a keyboard layout setting that you can change.

- Go to control panel and double click on 'regional and language settings'

- Click on the 'keyboard and languages' tab

- click the 'change keyboards'

- click the 'add' button

- Choose the german language and click the checkbox with your preferences.

- Makesure that once you clicked ok on the last box(Add input Language), choose 'German (Germany)' from the drop down box; under the 'Default Input Language'.

- Click apply then ok, go and test it using any typing application. such as word or notepad, you will see the changes, I did this as I was explaining it to you and it works. ;)

Note: This was done with Windows Vista Home Premium, windows xp may be similar but there might be some differences; you get the idea.

From what I know there is a full list of languages there, and Germany is not an exception. Makesure to use the 'add' option. and Then find your language.

***Are you using Win XP or Vista?***

How do i make my keyboard write @?

(the apostrophe button, which is two keys to the right of the 'L' key has an @ sign on it, and the 2key has a %26quot; on it but when i use shift to type they're the other way round - I am used to using the apostrophe to type @ and the 2 to type %26quot; and its getting on my nerves! I have tries changing the language from US to UK but it hasnt made any difference. Please help, I don't know how long it will take me to re-learn the positions!!)How do i make my keyboard write @?
Weird. I've never had a keyboard that hasn't had the @ as shift-2.How do i make my keyboard write @?
there's no way to change it unless you want to open up the keyboard and switch a bunch of stuff around. just buy a different keyboard

How to write vietnamese in photoshop?

I know how to write vietnamese on my keyboard in such program like office, or in internet browser.. but i can only use arial. I'm using photoshop very often and I want to be able to use different fonts there~

What more.. I'm not using any unicode program such as unikey, just simply changing my keyboard on language toolbar. Photoshop is not compatible with that =.='

I was trying to solve it by myself, but i simply can't :P

Anybody help me~How to write vietnamese in photoshop?
All recent version of Photoshop are supposed to be Unicode-compatible.

You should be able to use any Vietnamese character from many Unicode fonts in Microsoft Office,, web pages, and in Photoshop, not just Arial.

Are you using VISCII Vietnamese fonts, or VPS Vietnamese fonts, or ABC Vietnamese fonts? That may be your trouble.

Do not use anything but Unicode-compatible fonts and do not use software that does not understand Unicode. If you refuse to do this, you will be completely on your own, restricted to obsolete character sets and obsolete software. Tone marked characters are found in many Unicode Latin-letter fonts that come with recent operating systems:

A/a, ?/?, ?/a, E/e, ê/ê, I/i, O/o, ?/?, ?/?, U/u, ?/?, Y/y

à/à, ?/?, ?/?, è/è, ?/?, ì/ì, ò/ò, ?/?, ?/?, ù/ù, ?/?, ?/?

?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?

?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?

á/á, ?/?, ?/?, é/é, ?/?, í/í, ó/ó, ?/?, ?/?, ú/ú, ?/?, Y/y

?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?, ?/?

If you can’t see any of these characters, I suggest downloading free Unicode fonts that have them. See… for fonts that contain Latin Extended-B characters, which include characters found in Vietnamese not found in other languages .

Then find how to obtain the fonts in… .

Paste any of these characters into the Query box at… and mouse-press “Search”. Select the code that first appears under “Results%26quot;. On the information page that comes up, click on “Fonts that support ...”. This brings up a page showing some free fonts that support that particular character, as well as another link entitled “Local Font List” which will give you a list of all your Unicode fonts and how that character appears when typed in them. For some Vietnamese special characters the font will only show an empty box or a bullet or some other default character which indicates that this particular font does not contain the character.How to write vietnamese in photoshop?
just download a vietnamese supported font, that will do the trick...
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  • Problem with microsoft office word!!! please help!!?

    i have microsoft office word 2007.

    every-time i open it, it automatically changes the language to another language and i have to change it back to english from the keyboard and this really bothers me.

    How can i make the font be english without having to change it from the keyboard every time i open it?Problem with microsoft office word!!! please help!!?
    When you open Word, look on the left of the bottom panel, where it says %26quot;page%26quot; and %26quot;words%26quot;. Next to those you should find the language button. Click on that. A box will pop up with the list of languages. Highlight the desired language, and then select the button that says %26quot;Defaults%26quot;. A box will pop asking if you want to change the default language. Select yes and restart Word...It should work.Problem with microsoft office word!!! please help!!?
    Go to 'Review', and click the 'Set Language' icon, under the 'Proofing' section :)Problem with microsoft office word!!! please help!!?
    thre may be spywares in ur pc....better remove it and reinstall microsoft office...Problem with microsoft office word!!! please help!!?
    my choise is 3.1.1

    On a new macbook, how can I change the shortcut to alternate languages?

    I went to

    system preferences %26gt; input menu %26gt; keyboard shortcuts

    but at keyboard shortcuts, i couldn't find anything to do with languages!

    Help!On a new macbook, how can I change the shortcut to alternate languages?
    system preferences %26gt; input menu %26gt; keyboard shortcuts %26gt; input menu %26gt; select previous input source. This shortcut (I have it set as APPLE-SPACE) will toggle between input languages.On a new macbook, how can I change the shortcut to alternate languages?
    You need to go to System Preferences/International/Input Menu thats all the options there for you.

    How to get the @ on a danish keyboard?

    ive just bourght a an illumant keyboard %26amp; optical wireless mouse, 105 button danish keyboard NUM 10198.

    the @ is on number 2, but the shift or any other button i try wont bring the @ up.. ive also tryed changing the language in the control pannel to danish but that wont work either.. CAN ANYONE HELP? ive also tryed pressting alt and shift togetherHow to get the @ on a danish keyboard?
    To get the @ on a Danish keyboard, you need to hold down the Alt Gr and the 2 key at the same time.How to get the @ on a danish keyboard?
    press ctrl,alt and the number 2 key together.

    It should workHow to get the @ on a danish keyboard?
    copy it from any where then paste it XD