Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to turn "External Numpad" into an "One Handed Keyboard"?

Imagine I have a USB External Numpad and I rotate it 90 degrees and I use it as one handed keyboard. To achieve this, I think I need a program or I should write a program. If it is true, what kind of a code do I need? Is there a program that you know, which changes the keyboard's keys(but only external numpad keys)?If I have to write a program in which language do you prefer? If I don't need a program for that, can I make this by changing registry? Or Does windows have an interface window, which changes key stroke's actions(like changing by language bar).

Maybe you have totally different idea. Share please..

I am open for all ideas but don't say buy just a one handed keyboard, because I have enough logical reasons to skip this choice.How to turn %26quot;External Numpad%26quot; into an %26quot;One Handed Keyboard%26quot;?
take a look at autohotkey. i've thought about something similar for triggering synthesizers/samples.