Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Change the computer language from spanish to english?

Windows xp language help?

i've been googling and i just want to know how to change the whole computers language...not the keyboard language i mean everything as a whole...because my friend formatted my computer and everything is in spanish...i want to be able to see the start button instead of inicio

please help...

i dont know why its not changing, i have the first drop down thing to english and then on the language tab i changed it to english....

the keyboard language itself is fine but everything on the computer is spanish...

start is inicio :(

so how do i change it w details...

once again i dont know why but all the options are english but its still spanish.. am i doing something wrong?Change the computer language from spanish to english?
Go to Control Panel | Regional settings (it'll have a globe beside it). On the first page the first drop down has languages in it. Select English.
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