Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to change the language of a computer?

well its just that i can't change the language of the computer. I am currently using Acer 5315, I baught it in Spain, then I was shocked when suddenly all of the message/s (dialogue box, %26amp; everything is still in Spanish) could someone teach me to please change the whole of its language, (because I have already changed the orientation of the keyboard, which is from Spanish to English)

Please help me change the language so that I could possibly make the best out of my computer. thanks and more power!How to change the language of a computer?
If you're using XP :

start -%26gt; control panel -%26gt;

- for category view

date, time, language, and regional option -%26gt; regional and language options -%26gt; %26lt;select your language%26gt;

- for classic view

regional and language options -%26gt; %26lt;select your language%26gt;How to change the language of a computer?
You need to download the english Uilp or user interface language pack. Once you have thatrestart then open up the computers start menu and go to the control panel. From there select Regional and language. That should show a icon of a globe in windows xp. Once you have that open start changing every option to english or the united states. On all the tabs even the advanced. Thats proabaly why its still on spanish.Then restart you should now be seeing things in english. You will probably need to uninstall most program and reinstal in english. otherwise the default ( Spanish will still be set up.
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