Sunday, November 21, 2010

Keyboard language changed?

well my keyboard language used to be so u can type english and korean by pressing right alt it were to change from english to korean or korean to english. so all of a sudden this isnt working maybe because of me messing around with it. my whole computer is korean so i cant read it because it was made korean not english and havnt learned all my korean. so im wondering how to make it like that again? please help! now it just plain english not korean and english.Keyboard language changed?
When your computer changes languages on you, either rack your brain to figure out what you clicked on or bring it to someone that knows how to fix it. The latter is probably more preferable, as not to screw anything up.Keyboard language changed?
Start Menu-Control Panel- Regional and Languages Options-Details. You will see Installed languages, then you can add or remove languages of your choice. Hope it helped.