Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How can I type in a different language on Windows Vista?

Yes, I had gone through the procedure.

I went to control panel, language and regional options, keybords, and other input methods

I clicked on %26quot;Change keyboards%26quot;

I clicked on %26quot;Add%26quot;

I double clicked on Czech.

I double clicked on %26quot;keyboard%26quot;.

I checked %26quot;Czech%26quot;

I clicked %26quot;OK%26quot;

I clicked %26quot;OK%26quot; in the other window.

For several weeks, all was fine. There was a language tool bar on my task bar, or I could switch between languages using left Alt + Shift.

But when I logged on today, the keyboard short cut did not work. There was no EN icon on my task bar. I helplessly opened the control panel. In the regional and language options I clicked on %26quot;Change keyboards%26quot;. Dumbfounded, I stared at the screen. There were still two keyboards, nothing seemed wrong. But my keyboard short cut still doesn't work, and there is no language tool bar on my task bar.

I have been altering some settings and options yesterday, so it is possible that I somehow disabled something.

What's wrong, and how do I fix it?How can I type in a different language on Windows Vista?
not sure what the problem is.... just a guess...

try to right-mouse-click on the main toolbar (bottom of your screen) and under Toolbars, check if the 'Language bar' is selected...or appears as an option...

unchecking the 'Language bar' shouldn't make a difference in terms of availability... I can still switch my keyboards even though the bar is not checked... but if the 'language bar' doesn't show up under the 'toolbar' menu you may want to remove the Czech keyword, restart your computer, add the Czech keyboard again and see if it works...

I hope this helps...