Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hey everyone. So I want to know how I can change my font type online from english or normal to greek. I see on face book some time's my friends will have there staus in greek. Or just in general, on websites I will see half in greek letters if I check somthing greek. if anyone knows how to do it please help!KEYBOARD LANGUAGE CHANGE?

Control Panel

[Clock Language and Region (Vista Only)]

Regional and Language Settings

Change Keyboards

Select Change Keyboards. Select Greek from the pull-down menu. Hit Apply. Hit OK.

When you want to type in Greek, look for a box on your taskbar that says EN (for English) and click it. It should be obvious what to do from there.KEYBOARD LANGUAGE CHANGE?
I only know how to work with Windows so I do not know much about Macintosh OS - never worked on one but it should be similar anyway.

- Changing the keyboard does not have anything to do with the Internet settings. You have to change your computer settings.

Go to “Start” and then %26quot;Control panel%26quot; or wherever your computer settings are located.

%26gt;Clock, Language, and Region%26gt;Regional and Language Options%26gt;Keyboards and Languages Tab%26gt;Change Keyboards%26gt;Add%26gt;[Select Language - Greek]%26gt;

%26gt;double click language(Greek)%26gt;keyboards%26gt;

%26gt;Look/Choose one or more settings under %26quot;Keyboard%26quot; and %26quot;Other%26quot; (I don't know about Greek so not sure what you would need)

You may choose all options if you want - these settings can be changed with the language bar and may be more convenient when changing from Greek to English or something while typing.

- I think you will have to memorize the Greek keyboard, unless you want to get keyboard stickers.

Select %26quot;General%26quot; Tab, %26gt; Language Bar Tab%26gt;

%26gt;Choose Language bar settings. (Floating on Desktop or Docked in Taskbar is recommended until you get more familiar with how it works).


Open a document and try typing/getting familiar with the language bar and key board.

All you need to do is look for the language bar and switch from English to Greek whether in a document or online.

It has been a while since I changed my language setting to Japanese so I can’t remember if there is anything else I think that once you try typing in a document, your computer may or may not notify you that it is needs permission to download the language software. I think it did that to me, but I don’t know if this would happen to you or not or whether you will be able to get the software downloaded to your computer automatically or as an update support program. (I have Windows Vista with Microsoft Office)

- Please follow these instructions if they are relevant to your operating system or if you can figure it out. If this does not help then go to your operating system’s online home page and search for how to change the keyboard language input or take a look at the links below. They are arranged in chronological order.

Changing Keyboard Input Language Settings:

Windows:…… Instructions… Vista… Multi-Language Support

Mac:……… Mac OSX

If you are having problems displaying Greek on the Internet:…
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