Sunday, November 21, 2010

How do you change your keyboard into another language?

Because some people here in the United States, have the regular keyboards, and they could change the writing language to for example; French, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese,and other languages. But how do they do it cause I want to change it to French.How do you change your keyboard into another language?
I'm using a computer with Windows XP, and here is how I would change the language for the keyboard:

Start %26gt; Control Panel %26gt; Regional and Language Options

On the Languages tab, choose Details...

In the box showing the Installed Services options, highlight the Keyboard and click Add...

Open the drop down menu and choose the language you want to use. Then Click OK.

Now you can change the default input language whenever you want, or you can start the Language Bar and make the change from your desktop.