Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How can I change the language in my computer?

I just want to change the language in my computer to Spanish. It says that is in Spanish but is not. Everything is still in English. I want to send this computer to Mexico and I want everything to be in Spanish but it seems like I cant change that. I already put the Keyboard in Spanish, but what about the rest. I want it to be able to say juegos, instead of Games.How can I change the language in my computer?
I'm not sure what operating system you have so going about finding the properties for that might vary but I use Vista (actually Windows 7 but its very similar to Vista). All I did was hit my start menu and typed in language and it displayed everything involving language options. If you still can't find it you might have to do a Windows Update, then opt' to view optional updates and the language packs should be listed, if all else doesn't work re-installing your operating system (fairly easy, just need the disc, you can even get them off the web and burn to an .iso if you're that desperate). During the reinstall of the OS you'll be given an option to set the language of choice.