Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Changing language setting on asus k40?

im having problems changing the language setting on my new asus k40.

i recently bought it in taiwan. and for opening the first time. the guy at the store needed to teach it to me in chinese. so i let him set the language as chinese cause i knew that some how i would change it when i got back home.

but i've been trying over and over again. and i cant seem to get it to change.

i know i first open the regional and language option. and change the language.

i searched online and it said that under the %26quot;keyboard and language%26quot; tab, i'd find %26quot;choose display language%26quot; but it's not there.

can someone help?

im using windows 7Changing language setting on asus k40?

look there it's really helpful:

don't panic it's really easy.