Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How do you type in Russian characters?

i know how to change the keyboard language, but the keys do not correspond to the latin alphabet equivalet eg if i press %26quot;R%26quot; the azbuka equivalent should be %26quot;P%26quot; but %26quot;K%26quot; comes up instead. Without buying one of those stickers for keyboards is it possible to make the azbuka/latin characters correspond to type in Russian?How do you type in Russian characters?
You can use this program:

Here you can see how do Russian letters lay on the keyboard, tape it in the field, copy and paste in your text. Unfortunately, it's in Russian, but it wouldn't take too much time to figure out how does it work.

You can also use this program, it's in English:

In both programs you can type on your keyboard and see the text appearing on the screen or you can use the virtual keyboard proposed.

I strongly advice you to try one of these programs because it might help you to learn to type blind.

Well, is also good and you can use it, but you will never learn anything from it.How do you type in Russian characters?
2 have this language on ur computer u have 2 change ur language settings %26amp; then u can change between russian and english keyboardsHow do you type in Russian characters?