Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to stop language change on my pc?

Pressing ctrl and shift causes my keyboard language to change, this annoying little feature needs to be removed, but how?How to stop language change on my pc?
Go to: Start/Settings/Control Panel/Regional and Language Options/Keyboards and Languages/Change Keyboards/Advanced Key Settings/Change Key Sequence and set your desired key sequence. This is for Vista, in XP must be more simple. Good luck!How to stop language change on my pc?
Have you got an icon on your Task Bar with EN in it?

I'm assuming your in the UK and it switches to US mode.

If so, right click on it and select Settings. Highlight the US keyboard and just click on Remove.

Also check this. Control Panel 鈻?Regional %26amp; Languages 鈻?On the first page at the top change the drop down to English (UK) 鈻?At the bottom change the Location to United Kingdom 鈻?Advanced 鈻?Change that drop down to English (United Kingdom) 鈻?Apply and OKHow to stop language change on my pc?
u got 2 good answers already... so i wont confuse u with another... lol... ; = ]...