Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How do you change ur language on the computer?

ok i found one site that told me to click on regional and language settings in contol panel, but i cant find it

i installed this chinese typing system because i am learning it. but how do you switch back and forth from english to chinese?

my friend has this little keyboard icon on the top of her window but i dont

can anyone help?please?thanks!How do you change ur language on the computer?
Do like this

%26gt; Start / Control Panel / Regional and Language Options

%26gt; Click on Languages tab and after that Details...

%26gt; Under settings you got Preferences. Click on Language Bar...

%26gt; Check the box that says Show the Language bar on the desktop and Show additional Language bar in the taskbar.

Press OK and you will be able to switch in your taskbar.
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